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Is Your Spouse Considering Divorce?

Is Your Spouse Considering Divorce?

Has your spouse told you that they are seriously considering divorce? It is not uncommon to go through a wide range of emotions, including: anger, rage, sadness, denial, and/or fear. When your spouse has told you that they want a divorce, you are frequently not your best self. Often, in a state of crisis, behavior can become binary. Either you completely disconnect from your spouse, or you completely suffocate them. You either deny that they were serious and hope for the best while ignoring the subject, or you do EVERYTHING you can think to convince them that you and your marriage are worth fighting for. It is important that you do neither if you wish to save your marriage.

Here are a number of things you can do if your spouse has begun to discuss divorce.

Can a Marriage and Family Therapist Treat Individuals?

The answer to that question is ABSOLUTELY!  Marriage and Family Therapists are trained to treat individuals, couples, and families.  We are unique in our training because of our theoretical background.  Marriage and Family Therapists are often referred to as "systems" thinkers.  We believe that throughout life we exist in a number of relationships that directly and indirectly impact our well-being. Our relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors influence and create our individual experience. To find out more about what makes Marriage and Family Therapists unique, watch the video below!