Individual Counseling

There are many reasons why people seek counseling services.  At times they are struggling with a long standing mental health issue such as depression or anxiety.  Other times they seek counseling services in response to an unexpected change such as a death, divorce, life transition, or work transition. Others use counseling as a means to pursue personal exploration and growth. A counselor can help provide support, insight, and perspective on your particular situation.  They can help you develop new strategies and coping skills to deal with all of life's challenges. Counseling is helpful for anyone who is interested in personal development and working towards making positive changes in their lives.

Counseling services can be a short-term commitment, where we focus on a specific issue.  Or, our sessions can last as long as required to help address more complex and sensitive issues. There may be occasions when you are asked to take action outside of the counseling session, such as reading relevant material or keeping track of certain behaviors. For counseling services to be effective, it is important that you consciously integrate what you are learning in to daily life.

I offer individual counseling for adults dealing with issues such as:

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  • Couple Sensitive Individual Counseling

  • Infidelities/Affairs

  • Divorce/Marriage Ambivalence

  • Marriage/Relationship Crisis

  • Family of Origin Issues

  • Relationship Struggles

  • Childhood Emotional Neglect

  • Anger/Conflict

If you would like to learn more about me feel free to read my about page. If you have questions about services, many questions are answered on my FAQ page. If your question isn’t answered there, feel free to contact me! If you would like to set up an appointment please call 701-478-4144.

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