marriage and family therapists

Marriage Therapy 101

By the time someone calls for marriage therapy, they often have agonized over the decision to go to therapy for months, sometimes years. Research indicates couples wait 6 years after a problem has set in before they seek help. It is important to discuss your questions and concerns about therapy with your potential therapist. In addition, I thought I'd share a quick article that discusses what to expect in marriage therapy.

Can a Marriage and Family Therapist Treat Individuals?

The answer to that question is ABSOLUTELY!  Marriage and Family Therapists are trained to treat individuals, couples, and families.  We are unique in our training because of our theoretical background.  Marriage and Family Therapists are often referred to as "systems" thinkers.  We believe that throughout life we exist in a number of relationships that directly and indirectly impact our well-being. Our relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors influence and create our individual experience. To find out more about what makes Marriage and Family Therapists unique, watch the video below!