How Much Porn is Too Much Porn?

With the increase in accessibility, affordability, and anonymity of pornography, it has become a hot topic of discussion in relationships.  She says he looks at porn way too much.  He says he looks at porn the same amount as every other guy.

I wanted to share an article written by one of the leaders in couples therapy, Sue Johnson.  She does a nice job of breaking down when it's time to get help for you, or your partner.  If your partner isn't willing to have a discussion about the topic, it still is helpful to talk with someone about your own concerns.  As Susan Johnson discusses in the article "Bond science tells us that feeling shut out and rejected by the person we depend on registers in our brains as much a physical pain. Plus, that rejection is a danger cue that can send us into panic."

If you are concerned about your use of pornography or your partner's use of pornography, we can help!