Low libido

Living in a Sex Starved Marriage?

Often couples come to therapy struggling with a difference in libido.  Women and many men struggle with low libido (it's NOT just a woman's issue). Human beings are hardwired for connection.  Connection is as basic of a need as food and shelter.

In this Ted Talk Michelle Weiner-Davis discusses Sex Starved Marriages.  She also discusses 3 things people need to do if they are living in a Sex Starved Marriage.

  1. Understand how you feel connected to your partner, but most of all, become an expert in how your partner feels connected to you.

  2. If you are with someone desiring more connection, more affection, or more sex don't delude yourself into thinking "it's just sex." Sex is a powerful way to connect and bond with someone you love.

  3. When you understand how your partner feels connection and love you don't have to understand or agree with it, you just have to DO IT!