My Spouse Wants Out

Has your spouse checked out of your marriage?  Perhaps they have made it clear that they are no longer happy in the relationship. Are all indicators pointing towards separation or even divorce? Are you begging them to go to marriage counseling, but they won't even consider it as an option?

I can help.

Even when you feel completely overwhelmed with what is happening in your marriage, there is hope. I've worked with couples for many years and I can't tell you exactly what will save your marriage. What I can do is show you the things you may be doing that will end the marriage. It is common for spouses in crisis to feel blindsided by their partner's desire to end their marriage. Your relationship will quickly end if you spend time trying to convince your spouse that things aren't as bad as they are making it out to be. You may think your spouse is depressed or going through some sort of midlife crisis. It won't help your situation if you focus on what YOU think is wrong. 

The most important thing to remember is this: If you want to save your marriage you must look at your role in why your partner is unhappy. You will need to do your best to validate and address your partner's concerns.

You need to listen... really listen to what they are telling you is making them unhappy. You need to let them tell you what is wrong so that you can best work on those concerns together. Are they telling you that something is missing or that they have expectations or needs that aren't being met? Do your best to address those issues. If your spouse says they are bored of you or the marriage, this is the perfect time to create some adventure. Break out of your rut and see if they still feel the same way after you have made yourself open to the process of repairing your relationship. This is an opportunity to strengthen your bond by being emotionally supportive and willing to put the work in to save your marriage.

During this time your focus should be on saving your marriage, not on being 'right' about why you are having problems. It is immensely important to STAY THE COURSE! This is a stressful and difficult situation and it may seem hopeless at times. If your ultimate goal is saving your marriage, you must stay the course. Marriage counseling can be an incredibly valuable tool that can help reestablish communication and begin the healing process. You can reach out to me for counseling services by calling 701-478-4144. I'm here to help give you support during one of the most challenging times, and I am committed to helping you stay the course.