Emotional Intelligence in Men and Relationships

Dr. John Gottman is the leading researcher on marriage and relationships.  He has become so in tuned with what patterns disintegrate relationships in his forty years of research that he can predict divorce in couples with 94% accuracy within 15 minutes of viewing their interactions. Time and time again, his research has shown that men's emotional intelligence (being aware of social nuisances and able to display deep sensitivity) can make or break a relationship.  In his long-term study of of 130 newlywed couples, Dr. Gottman's research found that marriages are happier and less likely to dissolve for men who allow their wives to influence them. He also found in his research that only 35% of men were emotionally intelligent. This doesn't mean that women don't also need to do their part in relationships, but it does indicate that men's actions in relationships are the key variable in determining whether a relationship will succeed or fail.  This is pretty ironic since most books, articles, and other resources regarding relationships are geared towards women. 

The article I have linked to below was listed as one of the top relationship articles of 2016.  In it, Dr. Gottman shares the secrets of his research that every man must know.  He describes four simple changes men can make today to change their interactions with their partners and preserve their relationship. By men implementing these changes in their relationship, they are more apt to be in a happy, loving relationship for a lifetime. Two crucial questions that are important for men to ask their partners according to Dr. Gottman: What do you feel?  What do you need?

If you are a man interested in having a more fulfilling, satisfying relationship with your partner, I recommend reading 'The Man's Guide to Women' by John and Julie Gottman.  

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