What is Discernment Counseling?

If you have taken some time to look around on my website, you may have come upon the information regarding Discernment Counseling. The goal of Discernment Counseling is for you and your partner to gain clarity and confidence about a direction, based on a deeper understanding of your relationship and its possibilities for the future. The goal is not to solve your marital/relationship problems but to see if they are solvable. You will each be treated with compassion and respect no matter how you are feeling about your marriage or relationship at the moment.

Appropriate for:  

  • Those considering divorce but are not completely sure if it's the right path for them.
  • Those who want to give their marriage another chance even though their spouse is moving toward divorce.  
  • Those who have tried couples/marriage therapy before, yet are still stuck in the same situation and are thinking about making a change to leave the relationship.

Not appropriate for:

  • A relationship where there is danger of domestic violence
  • If there is an Order For Protection (OFP) from the court
  • One spouse has made a final decision to divorce and wants counseling to encourage the other spouse to accept their decision
  • One spouse is coercing the other to participate

How is this different than couples counseling/marriage therapy?

  • I will help you explore one of three paths for your relationship:
    •    Path 1: Stay married the way your marriage has been - No change.
    •    Path 2: Move toward separation or divorce.
    •    Path 3: Work on reconciling by committing to an all-out effort of couples counseling      over a  six month period with divorce completely off of the table.

Watch this video to learn more!